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Food is something we take for granted but with a rising population and the effects of climate change, food security is a critical issue we all need to be aware of.

Frosts in winter (even in summer now) can kill off a crop’s production potential. Added to this, is the upward trend of continuous heatwave conditions which can sunburn fruit and vegetables, reducing their quality and saleability. These two key issues, among many others, not only effect the supply of food but also how much we pay for it, which adds to our cost of living and food scarcity.

By highlighting the facts and stories of food production, the aim of Paddocks & Plates is to get more and more Australians to appreciate all those who helped put food on our plate and drinks in our glass. 

Because without our farmers and food producers - dinner won’t be served.

about us


It’s in everyone's interest to know where our food comes from and to support Aussie farmers and food producers. Because they literally fuel the whole economy with food energy so we can all do our jobs. From the supermarket cleaner eating their breaky bacon and egg wrap, to entrepreneurs negotiating deals over power lunches to nurses snacking on fruit in their break.


Paddocks & Plates is a platform to help support Aussie farmers and food producers. It's a place to promote, educate and share news so that you can be inspired to eat and drink Australian produce.

​There are some cracking stories out there about what's being produced. So feel free to send Paddocks & Plates yours and we'll crow about it our news feed.

 who's behind us


Having grown up on the family farm near Gunnedah in NSW, the founder of Fred&Co Digital Advertising agency wanted to give something back to the farming and agribusiness sector.


The family farm produced beef cattle, malted barley that was brewed into beer, wheat that was grown for bread and pasta, along with the high protein ‘super-food' sorghum that went to feed beef cattle and chicken for meat and eggs.

There was a bigger picture at play as the family farm’s food products went beyond its paddocks. Food producers helped take it all the way to the plates that Australians ate their breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners from every day.

Fred&Co is a fierce advocate for both regional and metropolitan business development along with food sustainability. Creating and supporting Paddocks & Plates, is an initiative by the agency to promote an industry that it passionately believes in. Plus, they love their food and wine too!