Let’s eat and let’s celebrate the hard work of Aussie food growers and producers. Food and drink are the perfect excuses to come together to do it. Enjoy them at a BFF breaky catch-up, a CWA meeting, a date, at a posh high-tea, as pub grub sipping craft beer, a classy cocktail made from Aussie spirits or unwind with a cracking Aussie wine.


Even if you’re on a diet, you can still eat great tasting fresh and lean Aussie food. And if you're not, then enjoy the sweet treats and a hard earned drink. With every sip and bite of Australia’s best food and drink, you’ll be supporting everyone who has brought it to you.


To whet your appetite, take a wander through our recipes and whip something up with Australia’s best produce. Even better, send us your favourite recipe and we’ll share it.

When the days get cooler, warm up with hearty soups, slow-cooked casseroles, crispy baked root veges and oven cooked roasts that are oh so tender. All partnered with deep velvety red wines or malty craft beers.

It's the time of year that's easier to hide our over indulgences in woolly layers, especially those cheeky second helpings of saucy steamed puddings with dollops of creamy custard and vanilla ice cream.

Sweet treats are all the sweeter when they're shared. Cakes, scones, slices, tarts, trifles, pavs, puddings, flans and biscuits are the staples of morning tea, high teas, afternoon teas and desserts in and out of Aussie towns.

Feather-light sponges, and secret-recipe slices have all eavesdropped on the district's gossip over morning tea. Whilst scones and rich fruit cakes have fuelled many a working man and woman to get through the day.

From blue-ribbon winning orange cakes at country shows, to pikelets that are woofed down after getting off the dusty school bus, you can't beat a 'made-with-love' home-made treat.

​After a fresh crispy crunchy salad, you just can't help but feel virtuous, even if it is followed by the summer staple of pav topped with cream

and sun-ripened fruits. That moment you crunch through meringue to the soft marsh-mellowy centre...simply yum.

And eating our greens in spring and summer is so much more fun. Especially when you've paired them with your fav grilled partner, whether it's koftas, kebabs, haloumi, beef, lamb, seafood, a simple snag or smoky sticky bbq chook drumsticks.

Dishes just burst in flavour without any effort at all in spring and summer with qaulity Aussie produce and wine, spirits and beer. The problem is where to you start and how on earth do you stop?

    When the season's bounty is at its peak and there's just way too much to eat, preserving, pickling and relishing are the best ways to never let quality produce go to waste.

From breakfast marmalades and ruby-rich berry jams to sunshine coloured tangy pickles and spicy fruity relishes and chutneys, if it comes from a plant, you can bet there's a way to put it in a bottle to savour it later on.

Follow a recipe or be adventurous and add your own taste-twist. You never know, it could be the envy at the local show or an Instagram hit.

Spread the sweet ones over buttered sour-dough and pair the savoury flavours with cheese, meats and even add them to a curry for a treat.