We’re the luckiest diners on the planet because we get to enjoy some of the world’s highest quality food and drink. Whether it’s farm-gate fresh or its been sliced, diced, plucked, bagged, trayed, mixed, baked, fermented, frozen, cooked or bottled.


From sweet juicy N.T. mangos to buttery-oaky chardonnays from Beechworth to pre-packed easy-to-prepare meals, we sure do owe our Aussie farmers, food producers and manufactures lot.


Having food and drink on our tables isn’t just about farmers, it involves a massive agribusiness sector. In it everyone is interconnected which adds up to a multi-billion dollar industry that we all depend upon. Take a look at how the figures add up.


Nowadays we can get the same produce all-year-round. But by following our seasonal produce calendar, your food will taste even better, and you'll save $$$ buying it in season too. So know when your Delicious Apples are extra delicious and Raspberries are ripe.

Around $56 billion of food is produced each year in Australia.


Plus, another $32 billion of ‘added-value’ food is also produced each year.

Over 50% of our food and agribusiness producers export their products.


The largest food destinations are Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Singapore.

The food and agribusiness sector had around 178,500 businesses trading in 2015.


1 in 7Australian jobs are in the farm-dependent economy.


Food and beverage processing employs 1/3 of Aussie manufacturing workers.

Over 90% of our fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs sold in supermarkets

are Aussie grown.


Of the foods imported into Australia, most are highly processed foods not produced here. E.G. speciality branded spirits, seafood plus processed fruit and vegetables.


Meat and meat products are the most value added food, then bakery products then dairy.


80% of our daily diet is packaged foods such as bread, cheese, breakfast cereal, yoghurt, sauces and soups.


The food retail sector has a turnover of around $126 billion.


Aussies spent on average around $4700 a year on food including eating out and drinks in 2015-16.


That’s 16% higher than 6 years before.


But we waste almost 30% of food every year worth nearly $10 billion.


That’s around $1,050 per person.


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