When it comes to what we put on our plates, the core staples haven’t really changed over the centuries. Most of us still eat beef, chicken, lamb, pork, dairy, fruit, veges, grains and seeds in some form. What’s really changed is the way we eat them, especially here in Australia.


Our taste-buds have travelled and migrants arrived. This has hugely influenced what we cook, drink, snack and dine out on. The Aussie dinner has transformed from meat and three vege into Mediterranean meals, Asian stir-fries and Indian curries. Whilst celebrity chefs and tv cooking competitions have turned us into a nation of foodies.


But at the very heart of all that we eat and drink every single day are Aussie farmers and food producers. Each of them gives us the best quality food and drink for us to enjoy every mouthful. Now that’s something to remember and to raise your fork and glass to at every meal.


We’ve unearthed just how much the average Aussie puts on their plate and in their glass. Like how much they spend on booze and eating out. Where do you sit compared to them?


What’s your favourite food? Are you a sweet or savoury flavour chaser? Australia has been cooking up a storm with the world’s best produce sourced right here. So whet your appetite with our recipes.

Aussie households spend around $96 per person on their weekly food shop.


On average per person, $80 goes to supermarkets/grocery stores, $9 on booze and $7 to butchers, fruit, bread and fish shops.


We also buy much more fresh food now than we did in 2006.

85% of Aussies enjoy dairy products in some form, with milk consumed twice as often as cheese.


7 out of 10 people regularly eat meat and poultry with chicken favoured more than beef.


And ham is the most commonly eaten processed meat.


But 92% don’t eat enough veges even though potatoes are eaten a lot but mostly as hot chips.


Only 49% Aussies eat enough for optimum nutrition.


$34 is what every Aussie spends on average at cafes, restaurants and take-away every week.


$19 is spent at cafes and restaurants and $15 on take-aways.


We order more home-delivered food now than in 2006.


Aussies now rate taste more important than a dish’s ingredients.


We now prefer going to a licenced restaurant than to a BYO one.

The average Aussie drinks 5 beers, 1 bottle of wine, 3 mixed drinks and 1/2 a cider a week.


The equivalent of 670 Olympic-sized swimming pools of beer are consumed in Australia

a year.


Beer, cider and spirit consumption is up, but wine

is down.


Australians consume around 1650 calories from alcoholic drinks per week.


They spend between $1300 and $4700 annually on booze.


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