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The state that's always on a plate and in a glass

A visit to Adelaide really showcased that the city's food and drink establishments are 100% behind their growers and producers.

If you look at the photo above, and were asked, where does all the produce come from, the answer could be, cured meats from Tuscany, black olives from Spain and the sheep's cheese from the Pyrenees in France.

You'd be wrong, wrong and wrong.

Everything on that plate was grown, cured, matured, baked, pickled and produced in South Australia. Big deal you say.

The 'big deal' is that Adelaide and South Australia, take great pride in being parochial when it comes to food on their plates and drink in their glasses. And they're all for the better for doing it creating a brand that you can actually taste and take away its pleasurable memories.

Tasting a state

Having two great friends that come from S.A., Charlotte Prouse and Margo Tummel, they've continuously said that you can always taste their state on a plate or in glass. But it wasn't until my visit to Adelaide did Paddocks&Plates experience it first-hand.

At every bar we went to, there wasn't an interstate or international wine to be seen on the menu. And every meal we ate was the same. Ok we didn't dine at every single place and I'm sure you can eat and drink produce that's from beyond the S.A. borders.

What really stood out, was that the bars and eateries were really proud to do it and most importantly, they would happily share the story of provenance.

When we travel to Italy or France, we don't expect to eat food from the UK or even Spain. We want to experience the flavours that have been grown and produced locally.

Destination food and drink that's genuine

If you're going to have a brand that's all about the food you serve and the drinks you pour, then you've got to back it up with local provenance.

Travellers and locals alike, are wanting to know the what's, where's, hows and who's behind what they're putting in their mouths and on their tongues. And some just want taste food and drink they don't have back home.

We are so lucky in Australia to have great quality produce that's well priced. What better way to showcase what's grown out the back, up the road or over the hill than to have it on your plate or in your glass to show your support.

Watch Kris Lloyd of Woodside Cheese Wrights talk about how important it is to support your local food growers and producers.



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