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Sustaining a community with a luxurious Persian Feta

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Producer profile: Woodside Cheese Wrights, South Australia

Kris Wright, manager and head cheesemaker of Woodside Cheese Wrights in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia feels incredibly passionate about her cheese making, commitment to innovation and always exciting cheese lovers with new and interesting cheeses.

Her latest creation is a Persian Style Feta which she describes as such a luxurious cheese. Its texture is satin-like, the flavour addictive, and it’s the perfect illustration of the high-quality milk she has access to in South Australia. She says they’re just so lucky to be in the location they are.

Before she created it, there was no Persian Feta being made in South Australia presently, so Kris felt it was time to give consumers of South Australian (and Australia too) a choice. After travelling overseas last year and eating some incredibly good feta, she decided it was time to produce something like this for the Australian market.

A quality product made from fresh local high quality milk

Her decision to introduce a new brand made sense given Woodside already produces a Greek style feta - and it was the perfect opportunity to excite the market with some different packaging and support that with a quality product made from quality milk offering something for everyone.

Four delicious flavours to choose from

The Persian Feta comes in four luxurious textures and flavours, 100 % Goat Milk, a 50-50 Blend Cow and Goat (Kris’ fave), 100% Jersey milk and Buffalo. With more new flavours to come.

Each jar has blended Coriole Extra Virgin olive oil in the marinade (keeping in the family region) along with some fresh herbs and organic garlic.

Kris' tip: eat it straight from the jar

Kris’ tip is to eat it straight out of the jar (we did just that with ours). Or for a more sharing approach, add it to a salad, bruschetta, toss through pasta or risotto. It’s also great for a tapas plate or antipasto plate.

Sustainability is a regional collective

This is just the beginning as Kris intends to build on the Kris Lloyd - Artisan brand with new and uncommon offerings.

She see’s it adding to the sustainability of the region, not only through increased milk requirements but also additional staff and food tourism. “I think it is so incredibly important for businesses to innovate and keep their customers interested and excited with what they have to offer...stay tuned!” she says.

We certainly will be.

For stockists and more details visit http://woodsidecheese.com.au/

BACKGROUND. Kris Lloyd is manager and head cheesemaker of Woodside Cheese Wrights. She’s supported by her passionate team of cheesemakers, including her son Mitch. They’ve been producing a range of high quality award winning cheeses since 1994.


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