How often do you reflect on what you’re tasting? For instance, where it was grown, who made it and why is it just so damn delicious?


Fresh food and quality drinks are something we take for granted every day. But to get them onto our tables and into our glasses takes an army of hard working, passionate and dedicated Australians.


Paddocks & Plates is all about showcasing why Aussie food farmers and producers are so important to all of us for our future food and financial security.


Take a wander through the site to see just how much we depend on their efforts, see who they are, and be inspired with some flavoursome recipe suggestions too. After all, there really is a lot to crow about when it comes to our nation’s food and those who produce it.

Who grows our food? Are there more men than women farmers? Will Gen Y save farming?

What's our daily intake of packaged food? How much food is imported? When’s the best time to eat Aussie fruit and veg?


How many eggs do we each eat a year? How many swimming pools of beer are drunk a year? What inspires you to eat and cook?