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Digitally disrupting the meat market

Meet the online butcher who’s delivering quality Australian meat to S.E. Asia families

Hong Kong and Singapore residents love their food whether it’s eating out or at home. Beef, pork, poultry and seafood are all on the menu for families every day.

Typically, residents buy their meat from the local street-side wet markets (the term used for fresh meat street vendors) or in the convenience of a supermarket with pre-packaged produce.

Now there’s the Australian Emma Pike who’s digitally disrupting the local food supply picture.


Having grown up in Sydney, Emma moved to Hong King in 2006.

Over the years of living in one of S.E. Asia’s most densely populated cities, Emma felt that meat quality in Hong Kong and Singapore had been deteriorating, whilst prices for it had been increasing.

That’s where her entrepreneurial spirit spotted an opportunity.

In 2016 Emma established her online butcher shop, Farmer’s Market, selling Australian meat in Hong Kong and filling a much-needed gap in the market. In 2018, she expanded the service into Singapore.


Both markets are two of the world’s most food-obsessed cities, as well as culturally being very family focussed when it comes to eating together.

As a family mum of two kids herself, Emma’s key passion is providing restaurant quality meat products and wholesome food to other Hong Kong and Singaporean families at an affordable price – all with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

This core value is helping drive the business forward, as well as underpinning the business’ brand.


So what’s on the menu?

Farmer’s Market sources 100% grass fed beef and lamb from the Sapphire coast of NSW Australia, fresh salmon from Huon in Tasmania, Chicken from Golden Farms in Melbourne, Pork from Rivalea in Melbourne, Duck from Luv-a-Duck, among other growers.

Emma says traceability and customer service are two key qualities Farmer’s Market brings to the meat market in Hong Kong and Singapore. “We select one source for each product to sell and we don't alter our standards on quality over price.”

She adds, “The products we source are all naturally farmed, well treated animals on ethical farms and are all from sustainable sources.”

The online butcher offers both chilled-fresh and frozen meat products that are free of antibiotics and hormones, another key selling point, which Asian customers keenly seek out.

Emma’s vision is that Farmer’s Market can become the leading trusted online butcher across Asia one day.

Here at Paddocks and Plates we’re sure it will be.

For more information visit https://www.farmersmarket.com.hk/


Over 50% of Australia’s food and agribusiness producers export their products. And the largest food destinations for them are Hong Kong, Japan, USA and Singapore. With the huge demand for clean and quality meat in South East Asia, this figure is only going to increase.


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